Commercial / Industrial Linear Fixture Options from C&C Lighting

Ran Yang
Commercial / Industrial Linear Fixture Options from C&C Lighting


Linear Lighting fixtures are the most versatile and give excellent coverage for most commercial and industrial applications. However, it is not one size fits all. That is why we carry 6 essential types of linear fixtures to suit different application needs. From the customizable architectural series to our economical line of linear pendants. From Vapour-tight fixtures to simple flush-mount shop lights. If you want to keep the existing fixture, we also have a retrofit option that is easy to install.

Architectural series linear pendant light comes in selectable colour temperatures and 0-10V dimming. Internal wiring and various connectors make this model a genuinely customizable lighting fixture. Whether you want extra long, continuous light or geometric shapes to add to the design concepts, it has got you covered. The minimalistic design and 3 classic finishes(Matte Black, White, Polished Aluminum). 

For projects that need no fuzz with all the options, we offer the Economic Line of linear pendant light. It is bright and comes in 4ft and 8ft, 60w and 120W. Universal voltage 120-347v. 

If your project requires a flush-mounted fixture, check out our Dimmable Shop light. Also comes in 4ft and 8ft. 0--10V Dimmable for lower ceiling meeds. Underground parking, warehouse, factory, etc., you name it. 

For extra protection, check our Vapour tight fixture in both T8 fittings and the built-in LED version. Waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof.

We understand sometimes you just want to retrofit the existing light fixture. We offer magnetized strips that replace your current ballast and fluorescent tubes. Making your institution extra bright and long-lasting. 


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