C&C Lighting Aluminium LED Profile

How LED Lighting technology is changing our perceptions of interior and architectural lighting. 

C&C Lighting Aluminum LED profile

LED Flex strip

Combine Form with Founction 

             It is no secret that lighting is the most crucial part of interior and architectural design. Our linear integrated material is shining a new light on the subject. LED lighting and its hosting material further blur the line between functional lighting and abstract design. Integrates light into more spaces beyond imagination. Lighting is no longer restricted to specific formats we traditionally view. The linear structure of the light has given it new forms for re-imaging interior lighting.

             This is not the jewler but what shines within. What makes your enviorment glow.

 A broad spectrum of colour has given designers a more sophisticated palette to create. 

1.Material act as lighting heat sink

2. Structure 

Mini channels for furniture and detail decoration



*shelves and Stairs



Archetectral profiles