• General illumination

• Suitable for Outdoor applications

Features & Benefits:

• Easy installation

• Using high-brightness LED chip, energy saving and environmental protection, stable lighting, long service life

• Optical grade lampshade, good light, anti-ageing, not easy to damage

• High thermal conductivity aluminium alloy shell, good heat dissipation, vacuum dust-free spraying, anti-corrosion, no peeling

• Strict waterproof treatment technology, in line with international waterproof and dustproof standards

• Radiation protection design will not affect the lighting effect due to weather

• Charming appearance and fashionable Product Features

• LED classic induction lighting function

• Colour temperature: (3000K-5000K)+RGB

• Lifespan: more than 30000h

• Contains no mercury

• Working environment: Dry Location, Damp Location, wet location

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Smart Flood Light