High-Density RGBCW 4200 LEDs Dimmable LED Light Strips

    • RGBCW COB colour-changing LED strip light has no dark spots, and dense light-emitting units make the whole strip ultra-high brightness and achieve ultra-uniform lighting performance. 
    • COB LED strip can be cut once along the cut mark, and the strip length can be adjusted according to actual needs. 
    • High-quality LED chips on the PCB board make the mixed colours more vivid, and the real double-layer PCB board is durable and has a longer service life. 
    • Our RGBCW COB LED light is soft and even safer for the eyes. RGBCW COB LED lights are suitable for interior decoration, such as kitchens, cabinets, bedrooms, staircases, mirrors, hallways, DIY backlights, DIY lighting, special-purpose lighting, etc. Using the right power supply (24V power supply) can make the RGBCW COB LED strips run stably and minimize voltage drop.