Stair Light

Indoor Step Light

At the end of the day, a well-illuminated staircase can be just what is needed as you head off to bed. Sometimes, the simplest solution of all may be the best, and step lights were created just for this purpose. Here, horizontal step lights illuminate these modern stairs. Step lights come in many styles and finishes and can be incorporated into nearly every style.

Outdoor Step Light

Many outdoor lights can be used to illuminate at foot level, but some fixtures are designed specifically to light exterior stairs. Below are the most commonly used step lights. (Keep in mind that some lights can fit into more than one category.)

Riser Lights

Demure and effective, flush lights that mount on risers provide easy stairway navigation and can be coordinated with their background material so they don’t distract during the day.

Under Tread Lights

Hardscape lighting that mounts beneath the overhang on a stair tread is discreet and effectively directs light downward. Flexible strip lights also can be used.

Recessed Wall Fixtures

Mounted in adjacent walls, recessed lights cast a glow sideways across the stairs, creating safe stepping and visual interest on a far wall.

Our Stair Light

The C&C Stair Lights are a perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor bronze step light application. They are dimmable and offer a sleek design that fits into standard 2" x 4" junction boxes. Rated at IP66, they are dust tight and protected against most weather conditions.